Why is mental health so important?

The World Health Organization defines mental health as not only the absence of mental illness, but also the ability of a person to properly recognize his or her potential and to deal effectively with everyday stressors and problems.

Just as physical health is maintained well, mental health should be maintained even more qualitatively. Because all the systems of the body work according to the commands given by the brain.

Whether we are aware of it or not, it is done by the brain. According to western sciences, the mind is the brain. According to Eastern sciences, the mind is a separate organ. That is the sixth sense abstracted from the five senses. But this sixth sense controls everything according to the Eastern system of knowledge.

In any of these systems of knowledge, the mind is the organ that controls everything. So before physical health, attention should be paid to mental health. Sickness of the mind means sickness of the body.

Lack of mental health leads to various diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of sound sleep, reduced immunity. Living becomes tiring and troublesome, the human relationships around us are weak, and the way to make life perfect is lost as a result of mental illness.

Psychiatrist Rumi Reuben of Karapitiya Teaching Hospital has stated that between 5%-15% of the people in Sri Lanka seek treatment for depression in the face of the current crisis situation.

The Acting Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Dhammika Wijesinghe has said that the number of people seeking support services has increased. It is not a good situation. But it is good for people to be aware that stress can develop into depression over time and lead to suicide. If you have a problem, the easiest course of action is to tell a close friend and get a solution. Otherwise, the best course of action is to consult a qualified psychologist. If you are in a state of depression, you should seek medical treatment. A person of all walks of life can experience a mental health breakdown. It is a matter regardless of profession or education.

Being sick of the mind means that our thoughts and attitudes are going negative. There can be various reasons for that. At present, the economic situation of the country has broken the mental health of many people. The environment we live in, the people we interact with, and the experiences we face all determine the quality of our mental health. But we are strong internally

If you are a person with thoughts and attitudes, you will be able to deal with a clear mind with a good understanding of the existing situation. All the situations we face in life are controlled by our thoughts and attitudes. Therefore, having peaceful and positive thoughts is the main thing that affects mental health. A happy mind has the ability to clearly grasp its potential and opportunities. How to keep the mind healthy in the competitive lifestyle is the most important thing. The best answer is to love yourself. It

Not a selfish feeling. A person who shows love and kindness to himself will always show love and kindness to others. Getting away from the monotonous lifestyle and going on a picnic with family or friends, watching your favorite movie, and enjoying your favorite songs can maintain mental integrity. Healthy sleep, eating a balanced diet is the factor that affects the balance of the brain.

If you are suffering from any mental problem, or if you have a close relative who can understand it, you can call the short number 1926 and find solutions to your problem. Qualified consultants are ready to help you through this.

New products, new designs, new ideas are born in a clear mind. Keeping the mind healthy means keeping the body healthy. Healthy body and mind means life is easy and beautiful.

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