The main types of physical fitness

Broad physical form about the human body – the word “physical fitness” is of English origin (-, something corresponding to good shape “fit”).

Truth, wellness and everything is science. All of them lacked a lot of action, but, alas, there was a thin, healthy and beautiful desire. Often, people simply do not find the time necessary for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The reasons are very different: permanent jobs, actions, simply an apparently meaningless encounter. Of course, to allocate 3 hours once a week – quite big. But can win!

Here are the main types of physical health.

  1. Anyone. This type of exercise nutrition fitness to develop muscles and plastic together with breathing movements with music. It also helps to improve the person and weight loss, as well as beneficial effects on the respiratory and nervous systems. It is said that within 30 minutes of working out, the fat will begin to break down.

Anyone can recognize this kind of difference:

  1. a) Classical (dances, dances based on the repetition of certain movements);
  2. b) Luhuta Vuwaka (perhaps on a special slipway);
  3. c) Stepped (taken on a platform – degrees);
  4. g) the power of the person (the person who started using it);
  5. d) A special type of physical activity from the pond (while developing all the ligaments and muscles) even in water.

Direction – We will consider other fitness.

  1. The next type of physical fitness – shaping. Shaping, class mistakes have contributed to the fact that your body has been designed to improve the shape of a beautiful figure and body configuration from the beginning of the change.
  2. Belt plastic and pole-dancing. Plastic plastic train movement and your body flexible shape bar-dancing and this kind of physical fitness. This series of exercises develops, mostly the leg muscles (mainly the biceps region), it contains a lot of sitting exercises. These businesses are especially gifted with good nature “ears” on the hip.
  3. Callanetics. Gymnastics consists of almost static, non-dramatic exercises. These aptitudes consist of strange businesses. This “trouble” should be taken, even about the minutes, what the future looks like. During the conquest of callanetics, muscles of all types (media, thighs, legs, hips, shoulders, arms, back) develop.
  4. A name too. It also back, trained pelvic muscles and abdominal media. Boot is used. The Eastern and Western methods of training used to obtain the mandate are best approached. He creates flexibility, strength, and flexibility in the joints.
  5. Remove the body. Breathing exercises. During the lessons, the muscles are stretched and heated, and all organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen.
  6. Belly dance. It is the most basic muscle in the female body. It helps to destroy fat in the waist and abdomen.
  7. Body-dance. These choreographic elements and aerobic components combined with running exercises. The body is aimed at improving the performance of ballet and improving the flexibility of the spine.
  8. Yoga. , improved endurance to achieve inner harmony, and movement created flexibility and development of the body, combined strength and tranquility of mind. Special attention is paid to breathing exercises.
  9. Complex Teresa Tapp (T Tapp). A collection of exercises that help treat the body as a machine. T Tapp the right to manage their “buttons”, you waist about 2 cm. If you can lose in a week 30. Designed for overweight women. Tuition classes are divided into the following groups: for legs and arms, waist, buttocks and abdomen.

Fitness classes cost an even larger number. We have only considered the basics. But remember: fitness, all kinds of general needs. If you deal with them regularly, any type you like, it will give an opportunity to lose weight, improve their appearance, strengthen the body.

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