Mental health for a healthy life

We often talk about physical health rather than mental health. Until recently, people believed that better health means physical health. The World Health Organization’s definition of this was that a person’s physical and mental health is good health. But, after 2000 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a person’s physical, mental, social and spiritual balance, good health.

“According to Merriam Webster’s analysis, mental health is the emotional and physical health that exists for the individual to fulfill the need to live and to be active in society.” If you have the following elements, you can check whether you have good mental health.

Having confidence in one’s abilities

Being able to withstand a normal level of stress

Able to maintain interpersonal relationships at optimum level

Being able to live a free and independent life

Although such are the basic characteristics of good mental health, it has not yet been possible to provide comprehensive definitions. Most people think that mental health and mental illness are not mutually exclusive. That is, the absence of a mental illness in a person is not a measure of good mental health. Lord Buddha has also preached a verse that confirms the above idea about mental health.

“Arogya Parama Labha – Santutti Paramandhanang

Visvasa Parama Ghati – Nibbanam Paraman Sukhan”

Accordingly here, the health of the individual is given as the ultimate profit. This shows that it is very important for a man to be in good physical health. It was said that happiness is the greatest wealth in terms of mental health. If the life you lead is very happy, if it induces sleep, it is confirmed that you are a person with good mental health. Considering trust as an absolute relative meant that where there was no trust there was suspicion, and thus social degradation.

According to the findings of modern western psychology, it has been stated that the following types of physical illnesses may arise based on the various thoughts that are treasured and undiminished in man, although they are not very serious.

Disorders of the digestive system

Pregnancy disorders due to menstrual irregularities in women

Uncontrollable emotions, high blood pressure due to changes in physical activity

Changes in heart rate

Respiratory disorders

Muscle pain

Elevation of blood sugar

The above kind of physical diseases were affected by the bad emotional conditions stored in the human being. Sometimes, due to physical illnesses, various mental problems may also occur.

Treatments for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, muscle pain, heart problems, etc. due to poor mental health have increased dramatically in recent times. The lifestyle is very complicated, lack of mental rest etc. has been the main reason for this condition. It can be seen from examining the social data of those countries that mental health is also deteriorating in Asian countries. The National Association of Mental Health in America states that one out of every two patients seeking medical treatment suffers from an illness related to mental and emotional disturbances. This means that not all illnesses are caused by poor mental health. That the patients’ disorders are affected to some extent by mental or emotional disturbances.

We should ordinarily expect complaints of sensory disturbances arising from mental disturbance. Although it appears to be a sensory disorder, it is caused by mental problems. This condition is known as psychosomatic disorders. Psychosomatic disorder refers to a psychogenic or mental disability that manifests physical symptoms or causes physical deformity. In this type of disorder, the emotional problem comes first and the physical illness comes second. This condition occurs very rarely in animals.

This is due to their immediate reactions to the event they are facing, avoiding it in mind. But, what you are doing is facing psychological events because you do not remove it from your mind and remember it again and again for many days after the events such as fear, sadness, and anger. Holmes, a psychologist, points out that one of the reasons why high emotional states remain in humans for a long time is that a person who is a victim of frustration does not have the opportunity to behave provocatively. If allowed to behave like this, you will be able to gradually dispose of the physical and mental impulses that arise in you.

If a person is loved and respected by his inner and outer society, he will have pride. One’s pride is built according to one’s self-confidence, the feeling that one is a good person, and through the facilities provided by the government, the protection of human rights by laws, good socio-economic pattern, and the dignity of the society that the individual gets externally. If every human being is given love, care and respect in the society by fulfilling the basic needs, then everyone can live with pride.

This leads to better mental health. Also, those with certain mental weaknesses or mental problems can be treated equally like others in the society, given respect, love, mercy and care, which can create a higher mental health in them. People with mental problems feel safe when they are able to release their hidden and suppressed emotions. If people who become mentally ill are given good hope, security and dignity, they will develop pride and superiority. If good hopes can be brought to fruition in the hearts of those who are frustrated, seeking relief, justice, helpless and oppressed in the society, they can have a high mental health through the internal and external pride that arises in them. Thus by showing love to everyone in the world, superiority and pride can be created.

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