Let’s lose weight easily if you are obese

Many people in the society are suffering from the problems of overweight and obesity. To avoid overweight and obesity, they are motivated to do exercise and diet in different ways. You can see successful results as well as unsuccessful attempts. You may know that it has been revised.

According to the new body mass index, the percentage of overweight and obese people in the society has increased. Due to this obesity, these people have to face many diseases.

  • Heart attack • Stroke • Diabetes • High blood pressure • Elevated bad cholesterol • Arthritis • Certain cancer conditions

Obese people are at a high risk of developing these dangerous diseases. These diseases can be avoided by maintaining a normal weight and maintaining a healthy body mass index.

If you are obese,

Plan a weight loss method in practice. You can reduce depression even in the weight loss method. It is enough to reduce your body weight between 450 and 950 grams per week. Then at the end of a year, you will weigh between 23 and 47 kg. Can be reduced.

When developing your weight loss regimen,

You should not restrict your diet too much at once. You should not exercise for too long a day at once. If you put too much pressure on your body at the same time, you may have other side effects, so be careful. Make small changes in your diet and exercise gradually. Start by doing simple exercises at first. For example, if you are told to change your diet to reduce the intake of sweets, stop drinking soft drinks, and start exercising, walk a short distance a day. You can do things like running fast. By following this method, you will gradually increase the exercise methods and control the food patterns, and you will feel lighter and stronger in your body.

You should be careful while exercising

If you are overweight, it will be difficult for you to exercise at the same time. Gradually get used to exercising every day. Try to walk more often than traveling by car.

Exercise comes in different forms.• Aerobic exercises• Strength exercises• Stretching exercises

Aerobic exercise can include hiking, walking, and slow jogging. For vigorous exercise, weight lifting and resistance band exercises can be used. Yoga exercises can be used as stretching exercises. You should spend at least thirty minutes a day exercising. .

Fat you should do in eating

A food group should not be restricted indefinitely. For example, some people try to lose weight completely by giving up carbohydrate-containing foods. This should not be done. Because our body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates. You should control every nutrient part in a balanced way. The amount of calories you take in a day should not be less than 1000. The foods you should eat are rice with rice, grains, vegetables and fruits, proteins and milk in balance, especially you should remember to consult a doctor before doing all this. You should exercise and eat according to your body mass index. You should not do anything premeditated. You should check whether your weight loss is suitable for your body. Do your exercise patterns according to the doctor’s instructions through a doctor and the doctor’s recommendations. You can check your body weight changes by the doctor once a month by eating the food recipe. Always follow the doctor’s instructions. Work on it.

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