Fitness exercises, complex for beginners

Dreaming of sun, sea and sand? So – it’s time to leave. If until now you preferred to spend these for inactivity, try this time to change your traditions. Running in fresh air will provide enough energy for a year. In addition, after an active holiday you will come home fresh, slim and sexy. So it’s not boring, take friends and girlfriends with you. In a company of like-minded people, you will achieve success quickly. Fitness exercises will help to overcome the complexity for beginners.


You will need. Chalk, a jar or box, a rope 5 meters long, a basketball, three plastic bottles, a rubber shock absorber and a group.



At the end of each exercise, pull each major muscle group, 20-30 seconds for each part.

Selection training

Take the same day with your favorite brand or try something completely new. Here are some ideas.

■ Rhetoric (videocassette or in a club with an instructor).

■ Yoga (alone or with an instructor).

Oriental fighting battles.

■ A motorcycle cylinder or intertrainer.

■ Traveling on flat or rough terrain.

■ Swimming (long, uniform training or more extensive interval training).

■ Walk or walk.

■ Roller. Add calories to the happiness of animals!

Tennis, badminton and other outdoor sports.

■ Dance – from ballet to jazz-modern.

1st week


Start with a fitness test:

■ Within 1 minute, close the body to repeat.

■ Can run 800 meters with a record of speed.

■ Hold on the alphabets that are pushed. Or, if difficult, on your own.

Now evaluate your results:

■ You ran a distance of 6 minutes (or more); 1 minute produced less than 30; Couldn’t tell. So, you have a basic starting level.

■ You were able to overcome 800 meters in 5-6 minutes. Do 30 – 30 minutes of speed per minute; Push up on the knees. You have intermediate level preparation.

■ Running results in less than 5 minutes of your time; You can broadcast for more than 1 minute. Lying on sets. Therefore, you have a high level of preparation.

If your results appear to correspond to the complementary level, start charging to match the initial level. Go for a walk after the test. Entrance Levels: Walk 200 meters. Then run that distance. This interval is alternated at a distance of 1.5-2.5. Average level: walking – 800 meters, running – 800 meters. Therefore, 1,6-3,2. Upper level: run – 2,5-3 km.

Field kitchen

Keep a food diary. It will help you figure out what, when and why you eat. You eat breakfast. If eating breakfast, eat breakfast before breakfast. But not strictly: lights, cereal, milk, some juice and water. A stock of water. Norm – not less than 8 glasses of water per day. Before training, drink a carbohydrate-rich drink with sugar, fruit juice or tea with juice. Nutrient balance. The ratio of nutrients in your diet should be 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat. Calorie reduction. Create an energy deficit of 500 kilos per day to get rid of excess fat. To do this, more kg than usual. 250 is consumed, and increase the energy expenditure of 250 kilos by the cost of exercise. The training on our program is very intense, and you will gain weight even on a diet of 1800-2000 kcal. At the same time, the muscles begin to increase.


A barrier wave. Build 6 barriers in the yard or garden. Repeat the bar once, without pausing, from start to finish. Beginner: Obstacle course 3 times. Intermediate Level: Overcome obstacles 4-5 times. High Level: Walk the bar 6 times.

  1. “Classes”. Draw a chalk net for “classic” 6-9 meter length. Bring your knees up and work your arms strong, moving across the entire grid.

  1. Vibrations and the knee is moving. Choose the path between two trees or poles. For example, with plastic bottles, you can also be considered far away. It may be difficult to perform the last rehabilitation, but the technique does not suffer at the same time. Properly: At a distance, lift your knees at a right angle as normal. Hands behind head.

Medium/High Level: Attack on this move. Stand straight, two feet wide apart. The chest is straight, and the press is full. Take a wide step forward and attack. The legs should be bent at exactly the right angles to the knees. Strengthen the muscles of the calves and thighs. Cross your feet and immediately step the other leg forward. So, go everywhere.

  1. Boxing training. Pull the rope between two trees or poles above the shoulders. Stand on the side of the rope. Flatten the press. Place the boxer’s defense position simulation, hand post, chest in front. Bend your knees and, without changing the position of your hands, aim to climb the rope and “dive” under it. So conquer the whole distance.

  1. Get on the bench. Stand in front of the bench or drawer. Shoulder width across. Flatten the press. Place it on your chest. Place a step, left foot, on the foot of the step. Then, step back with your right foot, and place the left side on the floor. Within 30 seconds, lights from the right, then another 30 seconds – from the left.

  1. Keeping the ball. Starting line, after 15 meters – finish line. Among them, separate 3 empty plastic bottles in a row. The ball snakes between bottles, one side to the grounder, the other, from start to finish, then back.
  2. Jump. Within 1 minute, tips: legs on both sides – both hands, legs on both sides – sides on both sides. Always apply pressure and keep your shoulders straight.


Acceleration Start with a light jog for one minute. Fasten for 1 minute. 3 more times, run at slow speed and acceleration. Then walk for 2 minutes. Within 10 minutes all min. Novels: 2 periods. Intermediate level: 3 intervals. High level: 4 intervals.


Trip training. Do one set of all exercises without rest. Then repeat. Starters: Make 3 “circles”. Intermediate: Make 4 “circles”. High Level: Make 5 “Circles”.

  1. Hand tilt with a shock absorber. Adjust your feet in the center of the rubber shock absorber or elastic band. Get the handle. Looking forward to the trees. Remove and clean the prints. Lower the shoulder blades and your shoulders down. Pull your arms down your sides and brush your shoulders. Elbow should be. Return to the starting position. Repeat 15.

  1. Arming the sides with a shock absorber. Place one foot on the shock absorber. Flatten the press. Hands slightly bent. The trees look inside. Without straining the muscles of the shoulders, raise your arms to the sides at shoulder level. Do not put the case back. Return to the starting position. Repeat 15.

  1. Decrease. Stand up straight. The width of the shoulders, the kotos are straight, the press is degraded. The head rests on the chest. Take a wide step forward and attack. Knees should also stand at right angles. Strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Start with your legs straight. 15 repetitions of the same, together, on the other leg.

  1. Pushups, stand on all fours. Reach forward with your toes slightly wider than your shoulders. Reduce the body fat to cover the straight line from the ring to the body. Bury the corners of the ring at a right angle, then press. Repeat 15. If you are well prepared, push-ups, not on your knees, but on your toes.

  1. Ply (plate) and ball orientation. Carry the basketball in both hands. Stand up straight. Legs slightly wider than calves, legs set slightly to the side. Arms are lowered freely with the ball. Flatten the press. Please without shifting the body and limbs. Lift your arms and open your legs as you throw them to the dog. Hold him without lowering your arms and return to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions of this exercise.

  1. Tile rods with shock absorption. Keep your feet in the center of the rubber shock absorber. Legs wide at the shoulders, visible inside the trees. Grab the handle. Print the press stop. Roll straight back along your knees a bit. The body should be parallel to the ground. Strengthen the muscles in the back, raise its arms to the sides. Stay in this position and then return to the original. Repeat 15.

2nd week


A barrier wave. Like Tuesday of the week. Instead of bench press in 1 minute.


Training by choice. Choose the type of physical activity that you like best.


Trip training. Like Thursday of the week. Instead of raising your arms out to the sides in a shockwave, raise them up on your lap. Stand up straight. Legs are extended and feet are parallel. Flatten the press. Place it on your chest. Strengthen the muscles of the toes of the lower leg, stay and slowly lower. Repeat 15.


Walking / Running. Basic level: running – 400 meters, walking – 400 meters. Your goal: 3-4 pairs of such intervals. Average level: run – 1200 meters, walk – 400 meters. Repeat 2-3 times. Upper level: run – 3-4 km. At the end of the exercise, 1 minute and consists of 10 push-ups.

3rd week


Training by choice. Any kind of physical activity.


Trip training. Like Thursday of the week.


Walking / Running. Basic level: run – 400 meters, walk – 400 meters. Your goal: 4 pairs of such intervals. Average level: run – 1200 meters, walk – 400 meters. Repeat 3 times. Upper level: run – 4 km. At the end of the exercise, do two planks of 20 and then 20 push-ups.


A barrier wave. Like Tuesday of the week. Your choice of training will make a difference in your game and help you avoid stagnation

4th week


Trip training. Like Thursday of the week. Instead of attacking, re-enact attacks. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Walk again. Straighten, shift the weight of the body to the back leg, then transfer it to the other one. Then take a step from the other leg. Do 15 strokes on each leg.

5th week


Walk / Run Beginner Level: Run – 800 m, Walk – 800 m. Your goal is to overcome 3 gaps. Average level: run – 1600 m, walk – 400-800 m. Repeat 2 times. Upper level: run – 5 km. Finally, do 4 sets of 20 repetitions of push-ups and do 1 minute of twisting.


Walking / Running. Beginner level: run – 1200 meters, walk – 400 meters, then 20 push-ups. Your goal: 4-5 such intervals. Average level: run – 800 m, then 15 push-ups and 30 twists. Repeat 5-6 times. High level: run – 800 m, then 20 push-ups and twists. Repeat 5-6 times.


A barrier wave. Like Tuesday of the week.


Training by choice. Try something completely new to you. Different types of training options, you will achieve good results


Trip training. Like Thursday of the week. Complicating pushing. If you relied on your knees, now – on socks. For a high-level adjustment: Place your feet on a bench or standing box.


A barrier wave. Like Tuesday of the week. Obstacles can be moved from side to side in any direction. Select the part of the track between the two trees or you mark the distance. Stand with your back to the corner and set your feet shoulder-width apart. This case is pushed a bit. Knees and hands hang from the front of the chest area. Take a step to one side with one foot, then one more nail. So drive to the end, then – back. The knees are not completely straight, trying to perform all the tips in a half cycle.


Training by choice. Any kind of physical activity can be preferred. Finally, go through the fitness test on Monday of the week. Compare the results.

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