Effects of drug use on unborn babies

Unfortunately, many babies are born with the risk of abstinence, because their mothers have consumed drugs or medications that are inappropriate for pregnancy, sometimes knowing that it is dangerous or under the threshold of ignorance. What ‘s more, drug use and abuse can have a very negative impact on the development of unborn babies.

The use of illegal drugs poses a risk to pregnant women and their babies. May contain residues that may be harmful to an unborn child. Pregnant women who use drugs are more likely to harm the fetus with risky behavior and poor nutrition.

Drug use can cause premature birth or low birth weight. This can cause the baby to develop withdrawal symptoms (sometimes in the form of neonatal withdrawal syndrome), birth defects, or learning and behavioral problems later in life.

14% of adults with an illicit substance use disorder reported having received treatment in the past year. Anyone, especially pregnant women, needs immediate help to stop taking drugs so that their babies are not at risk of suffering from the side effects of consuming these substances.

There needs to be a full social awareness of how bad the use of illegal substances can be so that drug use is not seen as a non-problem and begins to be seen in a dangerous way. Although at first the person thinks that they are able to control the drug use, but with a little use, the brain chemistry changes and they become addicted especially to the drugs that control the person’s body.

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