EZDB 3.0 © is an All-In-One perl script for database applications.

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EZDB© is a flat database management tool allowing you to connect to many database, handeling multiple user and group accounts.
You create your own HTML code to input and output data, and the configuration is as EZ as it can be.
It comes with a powerfull search engine displaying result in a fully customizable way.
It also have a very userfull rollback feature to retrieve old records in case of unwanted changes.
You can define record ownership and restrict database access based on any condition.
You can also take advantage of the email notification feature
 to flag by email any action made on a database.

EZDB© lets you define relations between flat database. You can link fields from one table to another (foreign key) and use the script to navigate between tables.

You can generate static HTML file from a flat file database. This is very usefull when you need to define a set of HTML files having the same layout, and want to keep them up to date easily.

With EZDB©, you can also include image more easily using the new Image Upload feature, that let you store images from your hard-drive directly into the database.

With EZDB©, you can:

  • Use any HTML file to enter/display the database data.
  • Define Statuc HTML Output.
  • Use Image Uploading to store Images in your database
  • Create a complex security tree to manage the access to the differents tables.
  • Use E-mail Notifications triggered by any action (add, modify…) occuring on any database.
  • Implement E-mail autoresponders (To send a confirmation email to the user submitting informations).
  • Connect to many database using a single script
  • Define complex search functions
  • Classify your information with EzTree© using your own classification structure.